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Item Code Specifications Price (RM)
QG-15(SOLAR-L) 15L x 15W x 17H (cm) 0.00


Product Description:

Material : Plastic

Specification : 15L x 15W x 17H (cm)

Color : White 



- Waving arm ~ beckoning customers and wealth

- Solar powered, also works with indoor light

- Unique & beautiful 

- It is said that the waving fortune cat brings luck into homes and businesses in Chinese and Japanese culture. The waving motion is said to bring a homes inhabitants wealth and prosperity

- Perfect warming gifts for new office & new house   

- Ideal decorative item for your home & office 



This fortune cat is loved very much in Japan.
Manekineko calls luck.
Especially, Hands and Color are important.

Meaning of Hand.
Right hand cat brings good fortune for money!
Left hand cat brings good fortune for business (call customers).

Meaning of Color
White:Good luck
Gold:good fortune for money
Red:Good health
Brown:solve the trouble
Yellow:good fortune for money
Blue:Academic development