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SC0001-100 30 H x 100 L x 12 W (CM) 0.00


This high quality, highly detailed, expert level, Titanic model ship is brand new, fully assembled and ready for display amongst your nautical furniture (not a kit). This Titanic model ship was specially designed & built by the plank on frame method (joining multiple small pieces of wood like Rosewood, Mahogany, Teak and other exotic tropical wood together on the hull). The cruise ship model is built exactly to scale and painted as an original Titanic Ocean Liner was with many details. The task required skillful craftsmen hundreds of hours to accomplish. The Titanic named by J.BRUCE ISMAY, was built in March 1909. In May 1911, she was launched, which was a heavily publicized spectacle. Titanic was designed to be a marvel of modern safety technology and her accommodations were the most modern and luxurious on any ocean. She was 883 feet long (1/6 of a mile), 92 feet wide and weighed 46,328 tons. She was 104 feet tall from keel to bridge, almost 35 feet of which were below the waterline. She was capable of carrying over 3500 people (passengers & crew). Unfortunately, at 11:40 p.m on the 14th April 1912, the greatest maritime disaster in history began. During that night of heroism, terror and tragedy, 705 lives were saved, 1502 lives were lost, and many legends were born.