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SF0010 38 H x 84 L x 17 W (CM) 0.00


The Abeille Bourbon is a high seas emergency tow vessel (salvage tug), 80 metres long with a tractive power of 200 tonnes-force (2.0 MN), a crew of 12, designed by Norwegian naval architect Sigmund Borgundvaag. It was baptised by Bernadette Chirac on 13 April 2005 in the presence of its sponsor Jacques de Chateauvieux. It is based in Brest, France. Abeille Bourbon is owned by Abeilles International, a unit of Groupe Bourbon. The crew is made up of sailors of the merchant marine. It is chartered to the French. General Characteristics : Type : Tow Vessel Tonnage : 2,220 tonnes Length : 63.45m (208.2ft) Beam : 14.74m (48.4ft) Draught : 6.90m (22.6ft) Propulsion : 4 Atlas-Mask K 8 M453 AK diesel, 4 x 2,350 kilowatts (3,150 hp) Speed : 17 knots (31 km/h; 20 mph) Crew : 10 peoples