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SF0016 90L x 20W x 75H (CM) 0.00


A shrimp fishery is a fishery directed toward harvesting either shrimp or prawns. Common methods for catching shrimp include otter trawls, cast nets, seines, shrimp baiting and dip netting. Trawling involves the use of a system of nets. In some parts of the Pacific Northwest, fishing with baited traps is also common. People who catch shrimp are referred to as shrimpers, and the act of catching shrimp is called shrimping. Strikers are the crewmen on the boat who set up and strike the nets. Shrimping is done at night, using enormous nets that catch more than just shrimp. Just before the break of dawn, the crew releases all the by-catch from the night, meaning excellent bait – anything that’s not shrimp, they release.