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SP0019 25 H x 80 L x 23 W (CM) 0.00


Hacker-Craft is the name given to boats built by The Hacker Boat Co., the oldest builder of wooden motorboats in the world. It is an American company, founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1908 by John Ludwig Hacker (known as John L. Hacker or just "John L."). The company moved operations to New York State in the 1970s and continues to produce hand-built boats in Silver Bay, on the shores of Lake George, New York. John L. Hacker (1877–1961) was a naval architects and the greatest American motorboat designer of the 20th century.[opinion] His major design and engineering accomplishments include the invention of the "V"-hull design and the floating biplane for the Wright brothers. Hacker built more successes in speed craft than all the other builders combined.