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The HMS Bounty was originally known as Bethia, and operated as a coal carrying merchant ship on the coast of England. She was purchased by the Admiralty and renamed the Bounty in1787.

She was commissioned for the special mission of sailing halfway around the world to Tahiti, collecting sapling breadfruit trees and transporting them to the West Indies. The trees were to be a cheap source of food for the workers on the British plantations.

Bounty left Tahiti on April 4, 1789. The famous mutiny led by Fletcher Christian began on April 28 in the friendly islands. He and many of his followers entered Bligh’s cabin while he was sleeping and forced him to the deck while wearing only his nightshirt.

The ship was taken without any bloodshed, only verbal threats and strong words. Bligh and eighteen others were launched in the Bounty’s launch while four of the crew were held behind to man the ship with the mutineers.

With the mutiny taking place 30 nautical miles from Tofua, Bligh astonishingly navigated the overloaded 23-foot open launch on an epic 47-day voyage, ending in Timor. This remarkable journey of expert seamanship and navigation using only a sextant and a pocket watch would become a legend.