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The Le Belem is one of the most well known three masted French ships, one of the most elegant and well kept of its period. Built with steel by the shipyard of Dubigeon in Chantenay in 1896, for use in the cocoa trade and sugar from Brazil and the West Indies to Nantes, France. In 1913, the Duke of Westminster bought her for use as a yacht. In September, 1921, after less than four years of navigation in the colours of the duke of Westminster, the Belem is sold to the Irish brewer Ernest Guinness. The boat is renamed the Fantôme II. Following the death of Ernest Guinness (1939) and the Second World War, the vessel was laid up in the island of Wight. After many years of successful navigation, the Fantôme II is bought in 1952 by the Italian foundation Cini to serve as its training ship. On 1979, thanks to a financial help from Les Caisses d'épargne, the Belem ownership became French once more.1980 to now.