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ST0026-80 70 H x 92 L x 26 W (CM) 0.00


This tall ship model was specially designed & built by the plank on frame method (joining multiple small pieces of wood like Rosewood, Mahogany, Teak and other exotic tropical wood together on the hull). The tall ship model is built exactly to scale as the original Fregatten Jylland was with many details. The task required skillful craftsmen hundreds of hours to accomplish. The Fregatten "Jylland" or frigate "Jylland" is a unique ship, being the longest wooden ship in the world today. Also it is the Royal Danish Navy's last big warship built from wood, and having traditional sailing ship rigging as well as a steam engine, it is a perfect representative for the transition from sail to steam power. It took part in the battle of Helgoland in 1864, which was the first naval battle in history where two fleets engaged each other without the use of sails, but only used their steam engines during the entire battle. In the 1890s the ship was reduced to stationary use and barely escaped scrapping in 1908. It was, however, decided to preserve her and she was towed to Ebeltoft in 1960. The hulked frigate further deteriorated until she was placed in dry dock in 1984. Restoration proved to be a major task; over 60% of the timber had to be replaced in addition to the rigging, armament, engines and loose gear. The ship is now beautifully restored and on permanent display at the picturesque small town of Ebeltoft situated on the peninsula of Jylland, which also gave name to the ship when she was launched from the Naval Yard in Copenhagen in 1860.